A smile from a veil

Two waterdrops once, ran down the same  car window as it was speeding down a road

The one was pure, crystal clear raindrop, the other was muddy water from a puddle

At some point they merged, their essences became one and a few seconds later, they split again

'why d u split with me' asked the raindrop

' I had to' said the muddy drop , the wind was pulling me sideways

'I 've always known u were soiled water, u  filthy little drop! Look what u 've done to me, I was pure before u collided with me, u 've fucked up my core,now  I m done and it's all ur fault'

and the first waterdrop took a look back and traced  in his mind their common path 
nowhere did he see, his companion being pulled to him by force

nowhere did he see, himself hurting his companion in any way , he only saw himself trying to keep the other drop safe and well contained in its pure rain coating

He was blurred and mucky but had been crystal clear of his intentions

a notion is never a fact

but, how can the rain ever understand the mud, anyway

'why are u mad at me?' asked again the confused puddle drop "you hate me for going another direction or for being blurry and obscure?"

'I ve always known u were back alley water' derided him the clear water

The dirty drop took the sting with a bitter smile

'why are u mad at me" asked again "if u knew, then I did not fool u - if u went along knowingly and crashed into me voluntarily, then dearest..... why r u mad at me?"

"APOLOGISE little fuck" said the skyborn raindrop to the foulest of all waters, as they both came crashing down the car window glass

δε γαμιεται... απαντησε το λασπονερο


as if a notion was ever a fact

as if a diamond shaped drop, could ever get a smudge's way

as if , γενικα

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